Top 5 tips for planning a destination wedding

If you’re lucky enough to be engaged to the love of your life and are in the beginning stages of planning your dream destination wedding, keep reading to discover five simple tips which will help you take the fuss out of planning your special day.

Top 5 tips for planning a destination wedding:

1. Consider hosting your wedding at an all inclusive beach resort 

If you dream of exchanging your vows on a picture perfect, white sand beach, you may be interested in hosting your wedding ceremony and reception at a luxurious beach resort in an exotic destination such as Mexico or the Caribbean. Most beach resorts offer competitive wedding packages which may include extras such as catering and entertainment. Better yet, you’ll also have the option of extending your stay and spending your honeymoon at your chosen resort. If you’re planning on inviting wedding guests, you may also be able to negotiate discounted group rates on accommodation. Don’t forget to look for beach wedding dresses so you find the perfect one.

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2. Ensure to give your guests ample notice

If you’re planning to elope, you can get away with planning a last minute wedding. However, if you’d like to share your special day with your nearest and dearest it’s advisable to send your wedding invitations out at least six months prior to your chosen wedding date. After all, your guests may need ample time to save for expenses such as their flights, wedding outfits and accommodation.

3. Ask to see a potential wedding photographer’s portfolio before negotiating a deal

If you’re planning on tying the knot overseas, you may not have the opportunity to meet with your wedding photographer before your big day. So when it comes time to contact your shortlist of wedding photographers ensure to ask each candidate for a portfolio of their previous work. That way you can ascertain whether or not a particular photographer is able to take the style and quality of shots that you’re looking for. 

4. Be careful when it comes to setting a wedding date

Once you’ve chosen a wedding destination, it’s well worth investigating your chosen destination’s seasons. As an example, if you have your heart set on getting married in the Caribbean, ensure that your big day doesn’t fall during hurricane season. If you’re planning on hosting an outdoor wedding such as a beach wedding or a garden wedding, it also pays to avoid your destination’s rainy season. 

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5. Research the wedding requirements of your chosen destination 

Each country has varying marriage requirements, so it’s well worth familiarizing yourself with the requirements of your chosen destination. As examples some countries may require couples to produce proof of immunization or witnesses, whilst others may have a residency requirement that you must fulfill before being legally married. If you choose to tie the knot at a resort, a resort welling planner may be able to guide you through the necessary procedures and paperwork.

So what are you waiting for? Whilst planning a destination wedding may seem like a lot of work, if you follow the five simple steps outlined above you’ll be saying “I do”, in your dream destination before you know it. All that is left for you to do is to look for wedding dresses until you find the perfect one! 

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