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Top 5 tips for students who want to buy gadgets

Well it’s 2018, and if wouldn’t be false to name it year of screens or wires or electronics or year of gadgets as a matter of fact. You can see whole lot of gadgets for many different purposes. As for students who are reading this we need and interact with gadgets in our day to day basis more than ever. That said clears that student life is somewhat dependent on gadgets. But as a student you’re halfway there with saving money for your education and resources or going for a new shiny gadgets. Don’t worry this article will help you make smart choices both economically and utility wise. These tips would guide you to best possible options with budget on your mind. So follow this advice like your student notes and let’s get started:

  1. Not the brand but the value: We all know our students lives are or were somewhat filled with peer pressure. Pressure to perform, pressure to win and pressure to compete with your fellows in terms of almost everything. That mentality could affect your choice of a gadget as you might want to get the idea that your companions or classmates have big brands with gazillion money price tags on them and to perform at the level you should have also.

Don’t worry. Remember never to judge a book by a cover. It also applies for your gadgets. Be it a smartphone or notebook don’t just consider it’s looks or brand value as main motto for buying but instead justify your knowledge and go for a best mix of well provided features and credibility.

Remember many upcoming or mid budget brands offer much in your budget then those big guns could ever. So remember read, compare and test and then choose your choice for gadget.

  1. Gadget safety and security: As world has evolved in networking and online terms, so have the hackers, thugs and frauds. And biggest problem today faced by interacting online on your gadget is cyber-crime. So avoid these mis-happenings you should look for proper security features in gadget such as two factor authentication, account login security, biometrics and much more. Moreover don’t just get that but also use them. Also get a good antivirus program. It’s an investment that returns much more than you think. Lastly to save your gadgets from offline thefts consider getting a nice gadget insurance and security plan.
  2. Data backup: On a pre-assumption I guess you may already been using a gadget of some sort. Then if you get a new one what about previous data from last gadget.

Don’t worry there are many data backup options provided by different gadgets and there operating systems. Cloud online storage works on almost every gadget and comparatively google/android provides better backup options as they are more in numbers.

  1. Hardware as much as software: You can go online and search a to z about your device’s operating systems and how it works and gadgets related to it. But hardware features are sort of a personal preference. As wait, look , size and display etc. Choice of your gadget can make it a dream to a headache. So decide in your mind what camera or processor or size right for you and your productivity.
  2. Budget: At the end of day you can see a million products but you’ll buy and you should buy the one which weighs according to your wallet. And as a student making the gadget choice should be quite accurate in terms of what purpose you need it for, what productivity you aspire and then considering those two how it will be in your budget.