How to Find The Cheapest Flights on the Market

Over the last few years it is fair to say that I have spent more nights in hotels than I have at home and I have traveled to more countries than in my 34 years before setting up my business. 3 years ago I began a business with my friend Dean Kirkland WA resident like myself and during those tree years we have both been hustling hard to get things up and running. Whilst we are seeing some small success, money is always a big concern and this means that expenses need to be kept o minimum. This poses quite a problem when you have clients all over the world and so we need to be very smart about how we book our flights whether we are flying from Washington to Vancouver or from San Fran to Beijing. If you want to know how to get the cheapest flights on the market, here are some great tips for you.

Two Websites

There are many websites online which scan the internet to find the cheapest flights but in my experience there are only 2 which are really worth using. The first site that I always use to check with is SkyScanner, a greta aggregator which checks not only the airlines but also third party sites which may be offering cheaper flights. The second website which I always check in with as well is Momondo, this does the same thing as SkyScanner but it will occasionally find some more flights which SkyScanner hasn’t yet picked up. In my experience, these are the only two sites worth checking.

Credit Card

Last year I managed to get a credit card which rewards me with air miles for every dollar that I spend as well as giving me exclusive access to airport lounges. I use my credit card a lot as it is and the fat that I can gain miles doing something that I would’ve done anyway is a great bonus. Just last month I flew from Washington to Hong Kong in business class for absolutely free because of the amount of points which I had accumulated. If you are looking tisane some money on your flights, you should look at using a credit card which rewards you.

No Rush?

If you don’t have a particular rush to get to your destination then a great way to save some money is to look at connecting flights rather than flying directly. To give you an example of this, last year I flew from Mexico City to London and I was able to save over $400 because I flew first to Miami, changed planes and then on to London. As it happened, my flight only took 3 hours longer than the direct flight and whilst changing planes is a bit of a pain, I was more than happy to do so in order to save some cash. If you want cheap flights, look for multiple connections which can save you some money.