What if the World Was Ruled by Women?

There have been a number of women in powerful positions in government, but they are few and far between. Women like Senator Nenadi Esther, from Southern Kaduna in Nigeria, who is the former finance minister for the state, have had to work twice as hard as their male counterparts to gain almost (but not quite) the same rights. Nenadi Esther Usman believes the time for change is now. And, thankfully, she is not alone in this. Usman is joined by many other women, some of whom believe that women should actually rule the world. While Nenadi believes more in equality, even she agrees that there is a case to be made for this opinion.

Should Women Rule the World?

Studies have shown that the male and female brain do not operate in the same way. The parts that control aggression and action are much larger in men. They part of their brain responsible for sex drive is twice as large as that of women. Additionally, the two halves of the man’s brain are much less connected than those of the woman.

Esther also cites studies that show men and women react differently. Indeed, studies have shown this is evident within a few minutes of birth. Newborn baby girls are more interested in faces, whereas newborn baby boys are more interested in objects. This is also seen in monkeys, where female babies choose dolls and male babies choose trucks more often than not when given the choice.

Next, Nenadi Esther Usman looked at competitiveness. Boys are around 50 times more competitive than girls, and girls are cooperative instead. Boys are always looking for an “adversary” when playing, when girls prefer to play something that is nurturing. Girls are also much better at taking turns. Nenadi also points at adulthood, when women prefer to talk to create relationships. The content of their conversation is less important than the fact that communication is taking place. Men, by contrast, prefer to share activities.

Esther Usman believes these findings are also apparent in government. Almost all societies are male dominated, which male traits (aggression and competition) being valued higher than female traits (cooperation and nurturing). This is particularly evident in the economic and financial stratosphere, which is exactly where Nenadi Esther became a minister in.

However, Esther Nenadi Usman showed the people of Kaduna, of Nigeria, and even of the world, that another way is possible. Thanks to her feminine traits, she was able to get all her work done, supporting others in government, healing the nation, and moving towards the positive. She has taught the country a lot, and she has changed it for the better.  Nenadi does not believe women should rule the world. She believes that humans should rule the world, irrespective of their gender. But she also believes that this will require an equal representation of women in every level of society. This is not about suggesting one gender is better than the other, rather that the two complement each other and therefore have to work together.