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Why Do You Need to Visit the Optometrist?

Sometimes, the sheer number of medical professionals you need to visit can feel overwhelming. You go to a pediatrician for your children, a general practitioner for your basic health needs, a dentist to care for your teeth, and so on. Visiting the optometrist may seem like an unnecessary extra medical trip — but shouldn’t your vision be a top priority? Here’s a look at why you should contact the best optometrist in Montreal to ensure your eyes get the care they deserve.

The Importance of Regular Checkups

Generally speaking, most people should have an eye exam either every year or once every two years. How frequently you should schedule these eye exams will largely depend on your personal situation. For example, people who use corrective lenses or who have a family history of vision problems should schedule annual exams. Individuals who have high blood pressure, diabetes, or who have undergone eye surgery in the past should also get annual exams.

These regular checkups provide a thorough overview of your eye health. The optometrist will conduct vision tests to check for common vision problems such as nearsightedness and astigmatism. They will also perform more in-depth examinations of the interior of the eyes and the optic nerve to check for common health conditions such as cataracts or glaucoma.

The information gleaned from these examinations will allow your optometrist to provide an accurate prescription for glasses or contacts, if needed. If a medical issue is discovered, they can also help develop a treatment plan to address your condition.

Signs an Extra Visit Is Needed

In addition to standard eye exams, there are other situations when you might wish to schedule an additional examination. Common reasons to schedule an additional exam include eyes that remain red and itchy for an extended period of time, changes in vision after experiencing head trauma, or eyestrain and headaches that occur when using a computer screen.

Such issues could indicate an underlying medical condition affecting your vision. Many eye examinations can even reveal other diseases, like diabetes. The sooner you schedule an appointment, the easier it will be to treat your condition and avoid more serious complications.


Ultimately, an optometrist’s role isn’t all that different from a general health practitioner, other than that they are completely focused on the well-being of your eyes. By providing both preventative checkups and assistance when you experience unusual issues, they will help you enjoy healthy vision throughout your life. That’s well worth scheduling an extra medical visit for your family!