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Which is the Best Type of Grill for Your Cooking Style?

Americans love a good barbecue and over 60% of households in the country have an outdoor grill.

If you haven’t jumped on the outdoor cooking bandwagon yet, the first thing you need is a suitable grill.

Here’s how to pick the best type of grills to suit your culinary aspirations.

Gas and Propane Grills

These are some of the most popular grills for lovers of outdoor dining. They’re powered by natural gas or propane and typically have three or more burners.

They heat up fast, offer plenty of cooking space and side burners for keeping food warm. If you like to entertain large groups of people on the fly, these are the best types of grills for your needs.

Yet, if you love the smoky flavors of a traditional grill, you need to look further afield.

Pellet Grills

Pellet grills harness the power of electricity to cook your food, so they’re not a good fit unless you have an electrical socket nearby.

These hybrid grills act as both a smoker and a grill and operate by burning food-quality wood pellets. One of the best features of these grills is the delicious smoky flavors they add to your food.

It’s easy to cook on these grills thanks to a thermostat that keeps everything on an even keel. A pellet grill is the best grill for BBQ brisket, roasts, and ribs without the hassle of having to check on the temperature of your fire all the time.

The only thing you’ll miss when you cook food in these grills is the trademark char marks you get with traditional wood or charcoal grills.

Charcoal Grills

These are the best grills if you crave smoky rich flavors and grill marks on your meat. They’re easy to use although you’ll have to wait a little while for them to reach the optimum temperature for cooking.

You can control the heat of the fire by adjusting the air intake manually at the bottom of the grill.

Kettle grills are a popular type of charcoal grill with a domes lid that fits over the grill area. This simple design belies their versatile cooking abilities.

They’re lightweight, portable, and suited for cooking both roasts and steaks. You can get kettle grills in a huge range of sizes and designs to suit your needs as well as the style of your home.

General Purpose Type of Grills

If you want it all from your grill, a cowboy grill is a good choice for you. You can cook your food seven different ways on these traditional style grill and they work well with pellets or charcoal.

Uniquely, they offer the option to grill your food on staggered tiers, so you don’t need separate fires for different food items.

Making the Most of Outdoor Entertaining

Once you’ve come to terms with the right type of grills to suit your cooking ambitions, you might want to upgrade your outdoor spaces to suit.

Keep browsing our blog for more awesome ideas on upgrading your home both inside and out to suit your unique entertaining aspirations.