What Is Van Life And Is It Right For You?

Being blown around by the financial and environmental crises built by their forefathers, millennials have been taking a lot of slack from the media. They’re being blamed for just about every economic failure, but what most people failed to realize is that millennials have been left with a lot of problems. They’re taking it in stride and making sure that they’re okay. In many communities you’ll find people who have figured out self sufficiency, the tiny house revolution, minimalism, veganism, environment consciousness and more. You’ll also find the van life, which on popular social media sites entails the lives of those who forego rent or mortgage and live in a RV or converted can full time.

You mask ask yourself why anyone would want to stay in an RV or converted can full time, but it’s all about valuing experience over materialistic things. Many people who live on the road and have converted over to can life have experienced a dramatic shift in how they think about their lives and what they want for themselves. Instead of focusing on creature comforts or things, opting for a life in a van so that you can experience the open road full time is an amazing way to experience the world.

But van life is not all just rainbows and happiness. Most people deal with problems on the road, but that’s a big part of the project. It’s about learning how to deal with things that life hands you, experiencing the open road, and changing the way you think about your life.

Most people who live in a van also don’t have many things. This is because there is generally very limited space so you have to pick and choose your items carefully. If you’re looking to hike and things this is also important. Finding the right shoes can make van life way easier. Head on over to Finish Line for kicks that will keep you safe and warm for longer.