The Easy Way to Become a Drum Master: MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3

There are a few electric drums for sale on the market, but they are pretty pricy, and we need to purchase various add-ons to set up a complete set of drums. Even then it’s not over yet, don’t forget we still have to buy the songs we want to play. By the end, your ambition of drumming would leave a dent in your wallet.

Plus, due to the space they take up, the amount of equipment they need, and being a percussion measurement, they’re pretty loud; meaning, we really can’t practice at home, and we can’t move them around and play them either. 

But our lifesaver is here! There is a device that comes with a complete set of drums, a free set of songs on its app, and free constant song updates every month. All are covered at a highly reasonable price. And its name is the MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3.

Personalized Set-up System

The critical point of the ‘MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3’ is that drummers can adjust their difficulty and speed to their likings. It is installed with Easy, Normal, Hard (3 different problems), and 1, 2, 4, 8X note speeds (4-speed levels). MOPLAY’s set-up allows drummers to enjoy this function from beginners, drummers seeking improvement, and even professional drummers. 

Interactive Lessons

Even if you are not a professional drummer, don’t worry. Users that have never played on the drum before can start from the basics with interactive lessons. With the cost of MOPLAY, only the half of average mesh electric drums, every lessoning content can be used for free and unlimited. This feature is very economical and, with is lessons recorded in 7 different languages, anyone can learn how to drum hassle-free.

Moreover, you can even drum on quiet nights. With the earbuds provided in the package, you can drum on without upsetting your family or neighbors with noise complaints. You can drum on all night long.

Skill Improvements with Ranking Systems

After you drum a song, you can check your ranking and scores. These drumming scoring systems trigger the desire to achieve and challenging. Check your drumming skills objectively with live rankings and become a pro by competing with other drummers. For each level is broken through, you will be able to see your level of improvement.

Songs Will Be Updated!

The ‘MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3’ comes with popular songs from various genres like Pop, Rock, etc. ‘MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3’ will be providing monthly song updates (10 pieces) even after the campaign ends. Feel the sensation of drumming alongside your favorite band!

Hurry Up!

You can find MOPLAY SMART DRUM on the Kickstarter and only few days are left before the project ends. MOPLAY has challenged in multiple crowdfunding platforms and gradually developed its products according to the users’ feedback. This newest version is so far the best and savvy. Don’t miss out this chance.