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The Benefits of Teak Decking


People don’t like teak, and we don’t know why. Perhaps it’s because it refuses to show off with the likes of Ivory with its silvery wood, or Ebony which cannot be beaten when deciding to turn your garden into a gothic shrine. Teak isn’t bothered with any of that stuff. Teak is for the people who don’t need anyone else to tell them how lovely their garden is, which is how it should be. Check out these great colours at Dino Decking.

For those who do not know, composite lumber is made from wood and plastic, made from one-hundred-percent recycled materials which means that there’s a lot more of that innocuous wood we know and love. The fact that no-one out of our special circle will care is not important.


The Facts

Composite wood, the myth, the new craze all the kids are talking about. Here to help you you’re your patios, with pools, with those little borders around the old sixteenth-century-well that you know wasn’t there yesterday. The fact that composite decking is made from recycled materials means you don’t have to accept your burden in chopping down the trees, making this world a little flatter, a little less green, one piece at time.

Some people will try and tell you have to live, which is their right. You should be polite. You should nod, and smile, and wave as they leave in a taxi. You do not have to take their advice, this is your right. Teak is not for everyone, nor should it be if only for the fact that there’s not enough going around. Gardens are an expression in personal freedom, teak, like any other, but in its own way totally unique, as it should be.

Thanks to advancements in human engineering you can take comfort in the knowledge that you have twenty-five-year before you have to start worrying about your teak-covered-garden. It will strike you then that you are the only one. The children have grown, moving away, decorating gardens of their own in flashy woods. Your significant other, never one for sitting in the garden, by the pool, with a brightly coloured drink in hand, shrugs and gives you a hug. And you remember the good times, alone, in groups with barbequed burgers and bottled beer, and you’re thankful that once those twenty-five-years are up, you can, if you want to, go out and buy some more.

You may run into issues surrounding conservation and environmentalists from time to time. That first sip of the morning coffee is greeted by hundreds of placards written in block capitals demanding that you pay for cutting down the trees. But do not be afraid. They are not here for you, possessor of lamentable teak wood that nobody cares about. You explain that the wood comes from renewable recycled means, with a little evil by way of the plastic, but progress takes time.


In conclusion, it’s unlikely that someone is going to come along and slam you with facts and opinions relating to the downsides of decking your entire garden in a rare and endangered woods. And while that can be sad as you look out of your window, watching the ivory and ebony decked patios burn in a bout of environmentalist vengeance, but trust me, sometimes staying under the radar is better. If not better, it’s certainly safer.

Thanks to the work of composite decking you don’t have to worry about the rain, the slush of the snow. There is little to fear by way of boiling sunshine leaching the colour from the wood. You’re on your own on those odd grey days, the ones that leave you feeling unsure and unsafe, but then, you always were.

Composite decking tries its best to make sure there’s no slips, no tears or tears, no cracks, and as little rot as is possible. Insects will nibble at your decking, but do not fear. Life will find a way to cause trouble before fleeing as the police arrive, but do not fear. Things can get bad, difficult to bear and hard to swallow, but at least for twenty-five-years or so, you can go into the garden and relax.

You don’t have to worry about cutting down any more trees. You don’t have to worry about nature getting in the crack and upsetting everyone. But thanks to that odd mix of wood and plastic, you can sit back and accept that nature has its place. There’s something freeing with that knowledge, the kind that gives you a little extra time to find your favourite drink of choice, preferably big and bright, with a few pieces of fruit. Enjoy.