Robert Bassam – Car Hunting 101

Every important endeavor needs a set of guidelines to make sure you can navigate the challenges that you will face as you try and reach the goal. These guidelines should be comprehensive and take into account the potential eventualities one will encounter.

In the case of buying a car, one needs to understand how to purchase good vehicles for a price that is appropriate. How not to be taken advantage of by those in the industry who make a living off doing such things, and how to be prepared for the process so one is never surprised by what presents itself.

Find a Reputable Car Dealer

Car dealers run the gamut from very reputable ones like Robert Bassam, to those who you should never do business with under any circumstances. Finding one is not always easy and just looking at their newspaper ads or websites will not really lead you to ones that have your best interest at heart. The only real way to tell is by doing some research and seeing how they are looked at by the industry, consumer groups, and other car buyers like you. Each of these groups is now represented in great numbers on the internet, and can be counted on to give valuable input regarding a car dealership. You can particularly look to other consumers who are happy to report their experiences good or bad on social networks and other places where consumers gather. If there are horror stories, you will certainly find them.

Decide on the Right Car for You

When you shop for a car, be methodical and pragmatic as any car owner should and remember one who seizes the day usually wins. Figure out what you can spend on your down payments and monthly payments first. Then think about how long you want to make payments on your car. Try and keep the term under 60 months. Leasing will get you lower payments but you will not have a car to sell when your lease is up, so the payments should be much lower. Then make sure that you can qualify for a loan and calculate at what amount. You now know the budget you have to spend for your new car.

Next think about your car needs. Do you need a big or small car? Will you be traveling on smooth or unpaved roads a lot? Is this a family and kid’s car or something for you and one other person? When you know exactly what the use of the vehicle will be, it will narrow your search. All of this combined information will point you toward the vehicle that you need to buy. This is important information, because when you go car shopping, you will be tempted and offered temptation by car salesmen to entertain purchasing a vehicle outside of these parameters. Be ready to fight that temptation by reminding yourself that these parameters were worked through logically.

Start Your Car Search Online

Shopping for anything these days starts online and cars are no exception. So sit down in front of your computer with a cup of tea and go through the online listings of vehicles that fit the description of the ones you want to purchase. Dig deep and locate every relevant detail from crash ratings, to gas mileage, to costs for parts and service, in order to understand fully what you are getting into if you buy a particular car. Only when you are satisfied that you have a complete understanding of your options are you ready to go to see dealers and shop for vehicles. Good luck.