Pros and Cons of Using a Modular Clean Room 

The evolution of clean rooms has moved at breakneck speed in the past two decades and more and more companies are now ditching the traditional brick and mortar approach, in favor of the flexible, modular clean rooms. The reason for the majority of the change fits around business needs and a better clean room product and there are more and more companies adopting the modular design each and every day. If you are unsure which is the right clean room for your business or organization, here are some of the pros and cons of going modular.


– Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of using a modular clean room lies in its flexibility, this makes a huge difference for companies who wish to change its location or place the clean room in an obscure location. An example of this would be Black Hills State University who have built an underground laboratory. This underground lab will feature a clean room for a wide variety of research projects. The underground nature of the lab would make it difficult for anything other than a modular clean room to feature.

– Efficiency

Professionals are not required to install a modular clean room which saves a lot of money for many companies and organizations. The modern day modular clean rooms that are on offer are pre-fabricated and pre-designed so they only need to be assembled based on the instructions, much like flat pack furniture. This ease of construction makes them far more efficient, especially when you consider that the companies which need them don’t need to take time out of their day to have the clean room constructed.

– Cost

Because of the nature of the materials which are used for the modular clean room, the price is a great deal cheaper than someone would pay for the traditional brick and mortar clean room.


– Limitations

There are some limitations when it comes to the size of the modular clean rooms and for any organization that needs something of real size, the modular variety will not work. This is expected to change in the coming years as designers look for better ways to create a large clean room which offers all of the benefits of those at their current size.

– Design Flaws

There aren’t many design flaws with modular clean rooms but the manufacturers do not always get it right when it comes to windows and doors, both of which can affect the air pressure in the room. This is not to say that these issues can not be fixed, they most certainly can, but there may be a bit of hassle before the room can be installed.

– Longevity

Naturally, because the modular clean rooms use lighter materials, they cannot be counted on for the same amount of time as the traditional design. As with the limitations, all of this is expected to change in the coming years as manufacturers look for better ways in which they can design the modular clean room.