Life Changing Subscriptions, Memberships and Clubs

Adding a bit of spice to your life in London can be difficult. The routine of the tasks you need to do every day can be exhausting – from the commute and working day, to cooking, cleaning and an exercise routine to stay in shape, even the basics can leave you drained.

Today we’re looking at ways for you add some variety to your routine – subscriptions memberships and clubs can become part of the way you live your life, giving you a bit of luxury or an excitingly novel experience without needing to plan when you’re already exhausted!

A Home Away From Home

There have been clubs in London for centuries: gentleman’s clubs (gradually opening up to women, and not before time!) have provided wealthy city dwellers and workers with a home away from home to entertain guests, dine at and socialise, but most are prohibitively expensive and require connections with people who are already members.

That doesn’t mean writing the idea off! Some places in London offer a taste of that exclusivity at a fraction of the price, and with additional benefits into the bargain. Becoming a member of Piccadilly Circus’ Picturehouse Cinema gets you not merely free and discounted cinema tickets, and exclusive previews. There’s also access to the private members bar overlooking London – you can sign in friends as well for when you want to show off!

If you’re more of a scholar, a London Library membership might be the right thing for you! Offering access to more than a million books, with plenty of different reading rooms to choose from, expert help and learned company to socialise in, this could be the retreat you need.


If beauty and pampering is your thing, then you need to look at a membership with Skinsmith’s Skin Clinic London. With locations spread across the capital, Skinsmith’s clinics are always there when you need them, and a membership can get you personalised treatment plans and preferential pricing that could put the facial treatment you need well within your reach!

More than the listed benefits, it also means making care for your skin a part of your everyday routine, which is vital – especially given the high pollution levels in the inner city air.


Lunchtime in the office can be dispiriting. You’re either picking from the same sad selection of meal deals as everyone else, or eating the same bowl of home made soup five days in a row.

Alternatives are out there, but they’re pricey and they require lots of planning in advance. Services like MealPal give you a discount, bringing a world of more exciting food well within your reach, and let you plan what you’re having in advance, so lunchtime choices won’t paralyse you at the last minute! Subscribing could change your life – or at least your lunchtime.