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James P DeVellis – Post Orthopedic Surgery Checklist

Having an operations is a bug undertaking that can cause even the calmest person to stress out. You were not sure how you would make it through it all, but you have and everything went fine.

You knew it was a great idea to get a top surgeon like James P DeVellis to do the operation, because hiring the best improves the outcome for great results.

Now it is time to heal from your operation and you need to know what things you can do in order to speed up your healing time so you can get back on your feet. You want to do all you can and not let anyone have any allegations about you post operation actions being detrimental to your healing process, so you are ready to listen.

Depending on your surgical procedure, there will be specific instructions you will receive from your doctor that you need to follow to the letter. Any deviations or misconduct on your part, can cause you to have setbacks or cause the operations to not be as effective as it might. So pay close attention to the instructions you receive and voluntarily follow them to the letter.

If you cannot for any reason tell your doctor immediately. In the meantime here are some general things you can do to help you heal no matter what surgical procedure you had done:

Get lots of rest – There is no timetable for sleeping during your recovery period. The idea is to sleep when you feel tired and sleepy. You might find yourself sleeping twelve hours per day or more because your body demands that time to heal. Also with the meds you will be taking, there is a great chance you will be drowsy often. Do not fight it. Your body heals better when you are asleep, so give your body its best chance to get you back to health.

Take your pain meds – Most people do not like taking pain pills, and, with good reason. They can be cause nausea, local swelling, dizziness, upset stomach and worst of all, many are highly addictive. But you need them for a great reason, they dull or eliminate the pain from your operation. And this pain can be unbearable. So bite the bullet and put yourself on a pin meds schedule and then stay ahead of the curve. In other words, make sure you have pain meds in you before the last pills will run out. This is especially important during the early days of recovery when the pain is most acute. This is not the time to try and be brave and just take the pain. Pain can cause issues with your healing and so making it subside is good for your healing. It is definitely a great idea to stop taking the heavier pain medication as soon as they are no longer needed, but always take your pain meds when it is time.

Invite over friends or family that makes you happy – There is a practical reason for this. Happy people heal quicker and better and some of the meds you will take may make you feel emotional or even depressed. So having someone fun around is good therapy for you. Invite over that funny cousin and watch a film or two with her. Spend time with your brother and his new baby and talk about old times. Whatever you can do to lift your spirits is great and the best news is that you will have fun doing it.

To be fit as a Fox, follow these tips when you are recovering from an operation.