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Here’s Why You Should Use Natural Products to Clean Your House

When it’s time for spring cleaning, most people turn to traditional cleaning products. Standard glass cleaners, tabletop wipes, and in some cases, bleach, all do a great job at giving your home the deep clean that you crave.

However, while it might not be evident at the time, these types of products can have a serious impact on your health, as well as bring about other negative effects. Instead of using them, consider turning to natural cleaning methods.

Keep reading to learn about why you should always choose natural products when it comes to home cleaning.

Less Harmful Reactions When Swallowed

While most people don’t plan on guzzling bleach, accidents happen, especially when it comes to children and pets.

Children ages five and under are notorious for getting into trouble, and in the case of chemical-based cleaners, this can often be dangerous. Hospitals see thousands of cases of poison exposure each year, and many of these stem from consumption or intense exposure to household cleaners.

Although you can try and childproof certain chemicals and toxins, that isn’t always enough. Your best bet is to use products that minimize any potential risk. At the very least, using green products can give you peace of mind.

Fewer Long Term Health Effects

But what if you don’t have kids or pets? You don’t plan on drinking anything you shouldn’t, so how can chemical-based cleaners harm you?

Most people know that traditional cleaners pose little risk if used in moderation. Spraying your mirrors with a glass cleaner once in a while isn’t going to harm you. However, most people use cleaners more often than product manufacturers care to admit.

The more you use a product, the more you expose yourself to it. This increases your exposure to any harmful chemicals present and can lead to negative health effects over time. For the most part, natural products don’t come with this risk.

Easier on Those Sensitive Members of the Household

Traditional cleaning products often harm people who suffer from asthma, allergies, and other types of conditions.

Even if you’re cleaning in an area with a lot of ventilation, you’ll have a hard time not inhaling the chemicals you’re working with when you’re touching them on a rag or cloth. This can exacerbate any health problems that you or the people you live with have.

In contrast, natural cleaning products use ingredients that won’t upset your system. Oils, vinegar, and other simple and non-dangerous ingredients are all common. If one of those ingredients does bother you, you can just choose another green alternative.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

When most people clean mirrors and windows, they have to use a lot of glass cleaner. That’s because the ingredients present dry up.

However, the chemicals from spray bottles don’t just disappear—they evaporate into the air and then have a direct effect on your home’s indoor air quality. This can lead to health issues from headaches and throat soreness, to dizziness and eye irritation.

On the other hand, natural cleaners have ingredients like baking soda that do a great job at cleaning without harming air quality. Your house will be just as clean, but your body will thank you for making the switch.

Lower Number of Toxins

If you’ve ever watched a glob of laundry detergent or cleaner slide down the drain, understand that you may be harming the environment. The toxins present can make their way into water systems, where they can then kill animals and create other environmental problems.

The same goes for cleaners that come in spray bottles. If the toxins present make their way outdoors, they can contribute to smog. They also take years to biodegrade, leading to further ecological problems over time.

On the other hand, cleaning your house with natural products is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment.

You Don’t Need as Many Products

If you open up your cabinets, how many cleaning products do you have stored inside? If you’re like most people, odds are you have a lot.

Cleaning companies market their products in a way that causes consumers to believe that they need a product for everything. From tiles and wooden floors to countertops and the bathtub—surely you need special products, right?

The truth is that for the most part, you really don’t. Using a powerful multi-purpose natural cleaner will allow you to clean everything you need to, cutting down on the amount of clutter you have in your cleaning cabinet.

Natural Cleaning Is Cheaper

Some people might think that green products are cheaper on account of ethical reasons. While this may have been true in the past, the reality is different today.

Today, technology has advanced a lot, and most green cleaners are around the same price as traditional ones.

You can also take make your own recipes at home by following DIY tutorials. As these cleaners use ingredients that are common in households such as baking powder and vinegar, they can be even cheaper. Just make sure they’re also effective!

Natural Products Are the Way to Go

When you’re looking to get your home sparkly clean, it’s tempting to turn to quick and traditional store-bought products. However, the truth is that green or natural products that you make or buy can be just as effective. As this guide explains, the benefits of using them are huge.

Do you now have a better understanding of why going the natural cleaning route can be a good idea? If you do, make sure to take a look at some of our other posts