From Asia to Oceania—The Perks of Expanding to Indonesia

Just in terms of location, Indonesia is an entrepreneurial utopia for those looking to expand. The country sits in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in Southeast Asia and is comprised of more than 17,000 islands. In proximity to other economic giants in this region (Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea), Indonesia’s population is in the top ten worldwide.

For business, this country’s economy has developed from an emerging one to one that is considered one of the major economies in the world. For these reasons, Indonesia has many lucrative opportunities for businesses looking to expand. With Batam’s free trade zone and Jakarta as a financial centre, Indonesia offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow their business in a thriving economy that supports business.

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Wide Range of Industries

Because of the numerous sectors that support Indonesia’s economy, you could essentially work from your premium virtual office location in Jakarta in any of the most popular industries. While banking, tobacco and the automotive industry are some of the more thriving ones, you could essentially work in an industry as the economic environment encourages entrepreneurial endeavours.

Essentially, regardless of the product or service, if you are especially talented at it, you can make an ungodly sum of money by virtue of Indonesia’s wide-ranging industry profile.

Proximity to Other Economies

Another perk of doing business in Indonesia is that, while it has a population and an economy in and of itself, expanding to this country puts you in close proximity to other major financial centres. With Australia and Singapore as your neighbours, you might find more opportunities to raise your business’s profile. More importantly, with Singapore being so close to Batam, you can definitely benefit from this city’s free port and free trade zone, which allows businesses to move products in and out of the country and allows businesses to benefit from Singapore’s infrastructure as well.

Anti-Corruption Interventions

As an incentive to attract and retain foreign business, the Indonesian government has actively promoted policies that discourage corruption. Laws that directly address bribery and hold public officials accountable have been at the forefront of enacting legislation that prevents practices that interfere with daily business, and more importantly, that prevents practices that are a deterrent to attracting foreign business interests.

In fact, as of 2016, Indonesia improved its ranking on the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) from 107th place to number 88 worldwide. For business interests, these efforts have reduced the bureaucracy and risks associated with doing business in this country.

Cultural Nuances

One of the great perks of expanding your business to this country is a business culture that is family-focused and oriented and a networking community that places relationships at the centre of business. In fact, Indonesian business culture encourages professional relationships that are built on personal relationships. While it is good to have content knowledge in your profession, this professional atmosphere demands that good business is founded on great relationships, both family and professional.

For those seeking to expand to a place where lifestyle factors are of import or even those with families, they will find Indonesian business culture amenable to their own working life but also attractive to their personal life as well. For your business, this culture can provide you with a stress-free, flexible working environment.

The Island With Many Islands

Yes, Indonesia is one of those locales you can find yourself lost in while traversing its economic landscape. Around every corner, there is an opportunity for you to succeed in a thriving economy that only promises to be more bountiful. As for the perks of expanding to this paradise, finding your niche in this diverse market is one of the major benefits of doing business in Indonesia.