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Everything You Need to Know About Baby Gender Selection 

Child gender selection is a practice which allows expecting parents to decide upon the sex of their forthcoming child. This is a process which carries with it many ethical and legal questions and whilst it is not legal to be practiced around the world, it is here in the United States. In fact, thanks to this difference in the law, the US sees a great many tourists coming through its borders each and every year, who are looking to take advantage of this service. If you have ever wondered about this process, here are some answers to your burning questions such as how it works and and what is the gender selection cost to the parents.

How it Works?

There are many different methods of electing the sex of your baby but the  only legal practice in the United States is the PGD method or Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. This method uses IVF cycle for parents who wish to select the sex of their child. The PGD method uses a developing embryo which is just 5 days old, the method pierces a very small hole in the shell of the egg and removes cells within the egg that are likely to dictate the sex of the baby.

Is It Safe?

So far, this process has not resulted in any babies with abnormalities or health problems and so it is widely considered to be very safe. There have been thousands of babies born in this way and none have shown any chromosomal abnormalities. There is also absolutely no health risks whatsoever to the mother as the process uses IVF treatments which make it no different to any other IVF treatments.

Is It Legal?

As mentioned before, the only method which is legal is the PGD method, any other way in which someone could change the sex of the baby is strictly prohibited. There are many research centers who are looking into safe and successful ways of selecting the gender of the baby but until these have been approved and passed, the PGD method is the only completely legal strategy.

How Much Does It Cost?

Costs will naturally vary from doctor to doctor but this process will generally cost you around $12,400  for the full IVF cycle, start to finish. There will then be an additional cost for the gender selection process which ranges between $5,000 and $8,000, this will depend largely on location and the individual practice which you are using.


Because this is a practice which has been made legal, the ethical side of things will very much come down to you and your partner. There are strong opinions on both sides of the argument as to whether we should be able to choose the sex of our baby but ultimately this will be something that is personal to you and your beliefs.

This is a process which is becoming more and more popular and has proven to greatly help many families across the world.