Why to Choose a Dog Over a Cat as a Pet

In the battle for who is the best cat there are dog people and cat people. Dog people will tell you with no hesitation that gods are far and away the best pet to have, particularly when you compare them to cats.

Cat people will say that cats represent the epitome of a pet and to even questions their superiority to dogs is a travesty. For those who have an interest in this debate, we have looked at each pet and come to a conclusion that dogs top cats as pets here is why:

Advantages of Dogs over Cats:

  • Dogs Appreciate What You Buy For Them

When you spend your hard earned money on a dog, whether it is on a treat, cheap or expensive toys or even one of Bowsers dog beds. You can be sure the dog will love it. He will always pay attention to the item. If it is a toy you can be sure that the dog will play with it until it is ratty. If it is a bed, your dog will sleep in it at night and during naps and love you even more for the purchase. With cat’s you never know. Sometimes they like what you bought and other times they look at you with contempt. And it does not matter the price of the item, they will scornfully reject a designer toy as easily as one from the dollar store.

  • Dogs Give You Constant Attention 

When you come into the house the only one to likely always greet you is your dog. They are a constant companion and love to see you every time you come home. When you get home they will lick your hand, follow you around and settle in whatever room you settle in. When you leave that room the dog will follow you to the next room and lay next to you on the couch or at your feet. This attention is continuous and every day of the year.

  • You Can Take a Dog for a Walk

If you ever try and walk a cat, the moment you introduce a leash you will create an animal that is ready to kill you. Cats detest being leashed and the idea of taking them for a walk without one is simply foolish. So you cannot enjoy that nice leisurely stroll you take each day or twice a day that you get when having a dog. The best you can hope for with a cat is letting it leave the house then watching it chase birds or run up the side of the neighbor’s garage.

  • You can Train a Dog

Dogs are some of the most trainable animals. You can teach them anything from all sorts of tricks from learning to heel, to fetching a stick, to rolling over and playing dead, to even getting them to bark. They love being trained and are happy to make you happy and follow your commands. If you try and train a cat be prepared for one of the most frustrating experiences you have ever had. They simply lay there and look at you as you constantly attempt to get you cat to do anything even remotely similar to what you want them to do. You will finally give up when you realize that the cat has actually trained you to act like a fool.

When you look at these areas of pet ownership, it is easy to see why dogs are much superior pets to cats. But if you insist, or loves cats, then buy one, but get a dog too.