Andrew Corbman – How to See The Beauty of Retirement

For me, retirement seemed like something that was never going to come. After years of making financial plans with my advisor Andrew Corbman, and creating all kinds of projects which I could start when D-Day came, the wait seemed never ending. Thankfully, early last year the wait was over and I completed my final day at work.

Retirement however, was not what I had expected and the first few months were actually pretty difficult. The first month of my retirement was ok, it kind of felt like a vacation but after that boredom struck. Thankfully I managed to adjust to my new lifestyle and I wanted to talk a little about how you can unlock the beauty of retirement, if you are feeling like there is nothing to do.

Travel, Travel, Travel

There is a weird notion kicking around that the only people who can enjoy travel are the younger folk, it is simply not the case. In just one year since my retirement, my wife and I have traveled extensively across Africa, the Caribbean and South America and we already have plans to go to Europe for Christmas. Why bother staying in the same place that you always have when you are retired, hit the road and see the world.

Clubs Are Essential

The biggest thing that I missed about my job was the human interaction and the chat between the guys at work. I realized quickly that this was something which I would need to replace and so I started getting in involved in some local clubs. I now have 3 events each week which give me the chance to shoot the breeze with some new friends and get involved in some activities. Friendship is really important and you will find that because of your new schedule, it will be difficult to see all of the friends you had before. Joining a club gives you something to do, people to talk to and a chance to get out and about.


I realized that as I was no longer working, that I may quickly pile on the pounds in my new and relaxed lifestyle. To counteract this I decided that I would exercise at least 4 times per week and I joined a local gym. I also enjoy sports so when I can I try to add a game of tennis to my weekly routine. Exercise is a great way of getting out, feeling better about yourself and avoiding the dreaded retirement belly! It is important to realize that this chapter of your life is about enjoying yourself and staying in good health is doubtless the best way that you can do it. You don’t have to join a gym of course, you could get involved with some sports too, anything that gets you out and exercising.

Retirement is not at all about simply waiting for old age, get out there and embrace it and you will soon see the beauty in it.