A Newcomer’s Guide to Buying Sexy Lingerie

Did you know that the most expensive lingerie in the world is worth $15 million? If you are gearing up for the holidays and want to surprise your partner with some sexy lingerie, you are in the right place. 

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of purchasing the perfect lingerie piece for you. 

1. Get Fitted

Before you can find the perfect lingerie piece for you, you have to know your bra size. It is best to get properly fitted by a pro. You do not want gaping at the cup and you also want to make sure that the band is snug against your back. 

The goal is for the piece to fit properly and not be too big. You can measure your bottom half yourself if you prefer by wrapping a tape measure around the smallest part of your waist to give you your waist measurement. For your hip measurement stand with your feet six inches apart and measure the widest part of your hips. 

For the bra measurement, we recommend asking for a free measurement at a lingerie shop or a chain store because getting this measurement can be tricky.

2. Suspender Belts and Garters

These are worn together to help hold up stockings that are thigh-high. For women with slender legs, these work well because they accentuate the hips and the waist. If you have thicker legs there are garters and suspenders designed to work well with a thicker build. 

If you go for this lingerie option you do not have to wear panties. You can go pantiless and add a little more risque to your night. A reputable site like will have plenty of options when it comes to garters and suspender belts.

3. Window Briefs

This lingerie option will give a playful peek into what you have underneath the window brief. They usually have a sheer or transparent material to give a bit of mystery to your partner. The crotchless panty is one of the most infamous types of “peekaboo” cuts. 

4. Cupless Bras

A cupless bra is also known as a bondage bra and it offers both a lift with easy access for some sexy time. These cupless bras have one end goal in mind and that is playtime with your partner. 

The design of a cupless bra is where you only have the bottom half of the bra cup to give you an extra lift. For our 50 Shades of Grey fans out there, this is a popular pick. 

Ready to Buy Some Sexy Lingerie?

Now that you have our top tips above when buying sexy lingerie, you can start the fun part – shopping! Time to go out and find your favorite piece of lingerie to wear for your partner right on time for the holiday season.

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