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5 Surprising Hemp Uses You Should Know About

In 1942, the U.S. government released Hemp for Victory, a promotional film designed to convince farmers to plant hemp for use by the navy during World War II. For that reason, most of us know hemp as a rope making product, but hemp uses go well beyond rope making and the modern market for hemp products continues to grow.

In fact, there are quite a few hemp products on or entering the market now that you may not know.

In 2018, with changes to the Farm Bill, the U.S. government again opened up the hemp market, differentiating hemp from cannabis. Though the same plant, hemp cannot contain more than .3% THC (the component that gets marijuana users high). So why legalize hemp?

Because, one hemp fact everyone should know is that there are many hidden uses for hemp that have long been prevented by government restrictions.

1. Industrial Hemp Usage

One of the most amazing uses for the very versatile hemp plant is in both construction and building materials. Not only can hemp be used to make concrete and cement, but it’s also used to make carpets, plastic, paint and more. In fact, people have even built entire homes from hemp.

2. Food Products

While hemp CBD food products are on the market, even everyday food staples, like flour, can be made from hemp. You may have even started seeing hemp milk on the shelves as a dairy alternative or even hemp chocolate.

In general, hemp seeds are rich in nutrients and can be added to many recipes.

3. Beauty Products

As more consumers become concerned about the chemicals in their personal hygiene products, one of the hidden uses for hemp involves hemp seed oil. Not only can this oil replace potentially damaging hair products, but it can also be used as an alternative to potentially toxic ingredients in nail polish.

4. Textiles

From jeans to shoes to entire outfits, hemp clothing has moved beyond the jam band and eco-conscious clothing scenes. Because hemp is such a hardy crop and grows more per acre than cotton, its securing its place in most clothing company catalogs. Further, consumers love it because it is often 100% organic and clothing softens with each wash.

5. Hemp CBD Products

Hemp CBD products include tinctures, edibles, and smoking hemp in the form of vaping through products like the Rift Delta 8 Disposable pen. These have hit the market and become a viable solution for a variety of health issues. Because hemp itself is regulated and required to have low THC content, it means we’re likely to start hearing more about is its medicinal use.

Users of hemp CBD products report that it helps with pain management, anxiety, insomnia, depression, cancer-treatment issues like nausea, and even acne.

Hidden Hemp Uses

This list offers a brief overview of the potential for this plant and its recent reintroduction to U.S. markets as both a raw material and consumer product.

As the hemp and hemp CBD industries continue to expand, it’s reasonable to expect that, because of its versatility, we’ll discover even more uses for the seed, the plant, and its oil, than we have already. It’s certainly worth each of us investigating, given its potential and value, how we can include hemp products in our lives.

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